Plumbing Installations

plumbing-installation-1Burgess and Partners Plumbing Services prides itself on the combined expertise and knowledge at senior management level in order to assist its staff and customers with the knowledge, experience and back up support when it comes to plumbing installations.

With our vast experience in the plumbing industry our staff are able to assess and execute any given plumbing installation ranging from small minor repairs up to revamps of buildings, large and small plumbing installations and all other aspects of plumbing related jobs in-between.

Burgess and Partners Plumbing Services believes that knowledge is the key to a successful job and in so doing, the staff are trained on an on-going basis on various topics and product knowledge.

This assists them in making the correct and informed decision as to what product or materials should be used and also how to complete any plumbing installation correctly.

We are capable of handling any type of plumbing installation due to our staff who specialise in their own niche field, in the plumbing industry.

All small to medium sized jobs are handled by the technician and his assistant, and all on larger plumbing installations a contracts manager is there to assist, advise and oversee the job through to completion.