Zip Chill Taps

CHillTap-2_grandeThe under counter, chilled water fountain is a convenient lever tap that supplies chilled water whether it's in your Home, Boardroom, Office, Factory or Warehouse. Aesthetically designed to complement any area and a cabinet that is neatly hidden away under a counter, but always on tap.

The unit can dispense 42 litres of chilled water an hour at a constant 11°C.
The cabinet is manufactured from 0,7mm white epoxy coated electro-galvanised mild steel.
Optional extras include a water filter and a stainless steel counter bowl.
Ideally the tap should be placed next to a sink or prep bowl and on a flat surface and the unit almost directly underneath.
A standard 15mm water supply is all that is required and a 15amp connection.



zip_hydro_tapZip HydroTap

Need Boiling water? Simply press the red button and the Zip HydroTap gives you instant boiling water for coffee, tea or soup. Filling up pots with hot water for cooking also becomes that much quicker.

Need Cold Water? Simply press the blue button and the Zip HydroTap gives you filtered chilled drinking water. No need for ice or bottles of water from the fridge and it eliminates buying bottled, filtered water. With Zip HydroTap you'll save time and energy in your kitchen everyday.