Water, Sewer and Stormwater Booster Pump Systems

Burgess and Partners Plumbing Services in conjunction with our specialist pump suppliers will assess, design, compile and build up a booster pump system tailor made to the specific job or clients requirements. Whether its macerator pumps for sewerage sumps, high pressure booster pumps for main water to supply to either residential, commercial or industrial applications or a stormwater sump that is below ground level and doesn't have natural run off we can supply and install a pump to suit any type of installation.

From small submersible pumps with automatic float switches to complex systems with level float controllers, early warning alarm systems, flow controllers and waterproof control panels we will take care of your booster pump requirements.

All installations are inspected and designed according to the position, type of system that will best suit the application, the maximum demand required from the pump and the correct size and type of pipework is specified for each job.

All jobs on completion are issued with an instruction manual and on-site training is given and the system requirements are explained.