Grey Water Solutions

greywater-sewer-1Greywater is wastewater that is discharged from basins, baths, showers and washing machines. When you pull the plug in a bath approximately 120 liters of water goes down the drain and approximately 80 liters of water from a shower. You are paying for water going down the drain where you could be using this grey water to irrigate your garden, saving you a portion of your water account. Another use is for flushing of toilets and it can be plumbed back into the main water supply that feeds the toilets only.

Burgess and Partners Plumbing Services have a variety of system's that can cater for these conjunction with our various suppliers we can design and install a black water sewer system plant to cater for toilet sewer waste, ranging from a system to cater from 6 people upwards.

Water is power and with it being such a precious commodity we need to save every drop.