Waterless Urinals

Waterless UrinalIn our on-going education plan on water saving for our clients another product that we offer is waterless urinals. Existing urinals can be retrofitted with waterless urinal traps.

The principal behind a retrofitted trap is a valve that allows the heavier liquids to pass through but seals off to prevent any smells from escaping from the waste system thereby eliminating the use of water for flushing. It is a dry sealing valve, operates silently and does not allow foul air into a bathroom. It does not require a liquid seal to operate and will continue to seal even if the urinal is never used or if it is only used very infrequently.

Burgess and Partners Plumbing Services will do an audit on your urinal installations and make the necessary recommendations and advise as to how you can start saving water and money by retrofitting your urinals.