Design Layout

design-consultancyBurgess & Partners is now able to offer the specialised services of a consultant in the design of Wet services for all buildings in the residential, commercial or industrial sector.

All work is done in strict accordance and compliance with the applicable by-laws and South African National Standards for the water supply and drainage for buildings.

The scope of work encompasses the internal design of plumbing within the building, from the water supply into the building and its reticulation to all internal points and then out to the sewer system. This also includes the design and layout of the internal soil waste stacks and external sewer systems.

Also included in the design is the design of hot water systems, tank and pump layouts, pipe sizing and specifications of materials to be used.

As with all design there are many considerations that must be weighed up in order to offer a solution that will produce a balance between cost effectiveness and functionality. With this in mind, on a specified project, we will offer a number of "Design Concepts" for discussion so that the performance of the final system satisfies the requirements of the client.

Part of our service is to also offer solutions to problems and shortfalls in existing plumbing systems. Disruptions in water supply are becoming far more frequent and problematic to which we can offer systems to alleviate the problem.