Storm Water Drainage and Sumps

Stormwater drains are simply drains or a drainage system that is designed to remove excess rain water from streets, driveways, parking lots and possibly large grassy areas eg: parks as well as townhouse or cluster complexes, office parks and factories.

Stormwater drains vary in size and design from small residential drains to larger systems.

It is imperative that the design, type and size of material used is best suited for the application that it is going to be used for in order to maximize quick runoff from the area or stormwater sump.

In areas where there is no runoff we can construct a manhole with a submersible pump that will be used to pump the water to a higher level in order for correct drainage to be effective.

We have a range of products to suit any new or existing installation and we will assess, design and implement a system according to your needs and budget.

For domestic installations we have an easydrain system that will work around patios, driveways and general walkway areas.

In larger installations there are a range of manhole covers and frames, steel and stainless steel grids, and mentis grids of various sizes and lengths that can be used.

We have various systems that we use for stormwater sumps and depending on the installation they can be constructed out of pvc, brick or precast concrete.

Why not let that excess stormwater be stored either below or above ground, to be used for irrigation systems and help you save money.

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