Burst pipe? What to do when a plumbing emergency strikes.

Burst pipes and Plumbing emergencies, just like any other emergency, often hit you at a time when you least expect it. The most common plumbing emergency that you will likely face in your life is some kind of burst pipe, water gushing out of your paving, under the basin or toilet or pouring through ceilings. These leaks can happen without any warning, and it’s possible that you might not even be home when they occur. There are generally no external factors needed for a pipe to burst.

Even so, it can still be stressful whenever a pipe suddenly bursts in your house.

If you’re home to hear or see it, you’ll know something is wrong immediately.

A burst pipe can be caused by a number of different factors including a loose connection, pipe degradation, old age, rust and other issues. There really is not going to be any quick fix when it comes to a burst pipe.

Your first recourse should be to shut the water off, which can be done by locating and closing the main shut-off valve. This is usually found outside near the water meter alternatively near the pressure reducing valve on the outside of the house

In most cases a burst pipe is not something that you’ll be able to fix on your own, but, in order to get your water back on and working safely, you’ll need a plumber.

Should a pipe start leaking when you’re not home, you might be looking at more damage especially if a pipe starts leaking inside the house. A burst pipe can end up flooding the house because the water will just flow consistently out of the pipe until switched off. This is certainly not something you want to experience, but there is a certain possibility that it could happen.

We can assist in adequately removing any accumulated water without causing more damage to the house with our flood damage contractors.

Luckily, Burgess and Partners are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Over this festive season when everyone locks up and goes away on holiday and anytime throughout the year to have peace of mind that you won’t get flooded out, Burgess & Partners Plumbing Services have a range of automatic shut off valves that detect a leak or the constant flow of water and will shut the water off automatically for you,preventing unnecessary damage.

Millions of litres of water is wasted each year because of undetected leaks. In addition millions of Rands of water damage is caused to properties because of these leaks with no means of detecting these leaks after it's too late. We have a smart water monitoring device with a remote shutoff valve which is empowered by artificial intelligence software.

The device can also be put into holiday mode or alert you when there is a problem.

You will be able to shut off the water to your house, apartment or flat from anywhere in the world by using your smartphone.

For all your plumbing emergencies contact Burgess & Partners Plumbing Services.

Let us take the stress out of an emergency for you.

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