The Current Status of Water Restrictions

Johannesburg is still under level 1 water restrictions despite the favorable rainfall in the last few months. These measures have been in place since March 2017 by The City of Johannesburg.

When the National Department of Water and Sanitation lifted the water restrictions in early March 2017, it was agreed that Joburg would retain minor measures to champion water saving regardless of the water status. Residents should continue the rally to reduce water usage despite our dam’s levels increased significantly.


What does that entail?

Many residents already water their gardens outside of the warmer periods of the day in summer, the restrictions do not allow for water to watering of gardens in between the hours of 6am and 6pm. While washing of paved areas and driveways with hose pipes is still prohibited, hose pipes and irrigation systems can now also be used to water gardens.

Dam levels around the country

94.3% for Gauteng, 66.1% for Free State, 49.6% for Kwa-Zulu Natal, 59.6% for Eastern Cape, 26.6% for Western Cape, 76.6% for Northern Cape, 76.6% for North West and 65.7% for Limpopo.

“We encourage people to adhere to the restriction imposed by municipalities. As national government we have gazetted restrictions in some areas and municipalities are continuing to impose those restrictions but you find that there is a lack of response in adhering to the restrictions‚” said Water Affairs spokesperson Sputnik Ratau.

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