Water Saving Solutions for your Property

Water conservation has been the focus of South Africans for years. As we have become increasingly aware, water is simply not an infinite natural resource. Water saving products from Burgess & Partners Plumbing Services make water conservation for the property owner simple and trouble-free.

Enjoy your water saving

Burgess & Partners Plumbing Services is able to recommend, supply and install a number of water saving products for your property, including water saving toilets, tap aerators, flow restrictors, waterless urinal cartridges as well as water saving showerheads to reduce your current water usage.

Water saving facts

  • Only use an approved water saving product in your toilet. Despite what you may have heard, you shouldn’t use bricks, as they crumble and damage toilet pipes.
  • Each person uses roughly 60l of water per day just for flushing. A water saving toilet can drastically reduce this number.
  • An average shower uses around 35l of water, by installing a water saving shower head you can considerably reduce the usage.
  • While showering is recognised as more water efficient than bathing, showering still adds up to 20% of indoor water use.

With products from Burgess & Partners Plumbing Services, you can start saving water without sacrificing comfort. Contact Burgess & Partners Plumbing Services to enquire about our water saving products and solutions today.


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