What to do if your geyser bursts?

Few things come close to that sinking feeling when you are woken up in the early hours of the morning by a dripping sound coming from the ceiling, especially when you realise that you are not dreaming!

Statistically, most geysers burst in the early hours of the morning. Be prepared for when it happens to you, by following these tips:

Step 1: Switch off the water supply

This will stop more water from running into the geyser and leaking all over your ceiling. If you don’t know where your water mains are, make a point of finding out sooner rather than later.

Step 2: Switch off the power to the geyser

If the geyser’s element continues to heat up while there’s no water in it, it might cause a fire. To switch off the geyser, all you have to do is flip the little switch that says ‘geyser’ on your main distribution board.

Step 3: Open all the hot water taps

Opening all the hot water taps in your house helps to relieve the pressure inside the geyser – resulting in less water pouring out of the burst geyser.

Step 4: Call Burgess & Partners Plumbing Services for help

Call Burgess & Partners Plumbing Services to come help you with your burst geyser. We have a long and solid track record of experience, professionalism and dependability in the fields of geysers. For over 39 years, throughout the greater Gauteng area, customer satisfaction has always remained our top priority. Often times the problem is not really a burst geyser but something else that has gone wrong and can be quickly and easily fixed. Alternatively, if you do have to say goodbye to your old geyser, we can help you fit a new geyser that fits your home and your lifestyle perfectly.

Step 5: Try to prevent further water damage

Move all the items of furniture away from the water and start mopping up what you can before the water spreads even further. If the area where the geyser burst is sopping wet, soak up the water with towels, mops or anything that is absorbent. Try to minimise damage to your floors and your furniture, or whatever else is close by.

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