Why choose water purification?

It’s never been more important for South Africans to have access to purified water. Our dams are drying up, many of our provinces are facing water shedding and level 3 water restrictions are becoming the norm. But many people don’t realise that a water shortage compromises the quality of the water. They just believe a shortage means there is less to go around. Unfortunately, this is not the case, as the water becomes scarcer, the more polluted it becomes and the more it needs to be treated which escalates the chemicals you consume.


South Africa uses 98% of its water supply, which means there is not a lot for us to play with in times of shortage. Last year the Rand Daily Mail report highlighted the drinking water crisis we all face and states the following facts:


We are facing a drinking-water crisis in which about 10% of municipal (piped-water) has failed and another 38% is approaching collapse

A few of our precious water resources — groundwater, streams and reservoirs — are already polluted or are being polluted day by day.

One official estimate is that a mere 5% of hazardous waste is disposed of properly. The rest finds its way into the water system, the worst of which is produced by acid mine drainage, farming and the collapse of municipal sewage and water treatment plants throughout the country

Another official estimate says leaks in the (piped water) system account for about 37% of so-called wasted water, that is water that has already been treated for human consumption at a huge cost.


To ensure your family is getting the purest, cleanest and chemical free water, contact Burgess & Partners for all your water purification needs whether its residential or commercial systems you are looking for and enjoy peace-of-mind, knowing you are protecting their health with great-tasting, purified water.

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